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Chroma Abbott
Vysis DAPI Orange Green
Fluorescence Filter P&C Cube
Zeiss Microscope

USD $700.00


Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • Chroma Abbott Vysis DAPI Orange Green Fluorescence Filter in P&C Cube for Zeiss Microscope.
  • Triple Band filter.
  • Abbott/Vysis set: DAPI – Orange – Green.
  • Made by Chroma. Sold by Abbott Molecular for FISH.

Cube Markings:

  • 1FL3020, D/O/Gv2, C124087
  • Includes both filter set and blank cube.
  • Zeiss P&C cube part#1046-281.

Factory Website Link:

Factory Description:

  • The DAPI/Green/Orange (V.2) filter set is designed to excite and transmit SpectrumGreen, SpectrumOrange and the DAPI counterstain fluorescence simultaneously. This filter is useful when the nuclear and chromosomal DNA, counterstained with DAPI, and the SpectrumGreen and SpectrumOrange fluorophores must be viewed simultaneously.
  • The DAPI/Green/Orange (V.2) filter design may provide better color distinction and brightness of the SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen fluorophores when viewing paraffin-embedded specimens. This filter set is not optimized for viewing dual-color translocation probes where a blending of the SpectrumGreen and SpectrumOrange fluorophores creates a yellow color. This is the recommended triple bandpass filter set for viewing and analyzing the PathVysion® HER-2 DNA Assay.

Compatibility: This is the P&C module version that fits the newer models such as AxioVert 200, AxioPlan-2, Axio Observer, Axio Imager, etc. There is an older module that requires screws to mount. These two types of modules are not interchangeable.

Condition: Unable to detect any signs of usage. In excellent like-new condition. We guarantee this will work properly.