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Chroma U-M41017 EN GFP
Fluorescence Filter Cube
Olympus BX Microscope

USD $550.00


Shipping Cost: To be determined

Description: Chroma U-M41017 Endow GFP/EGFP Bandpass Fluorescence Filter Cube for Olympus BX Microscope.


  • Excitor: 470/40 nm
  • Emitter: 525/50 nm Band Pass
  • BeamSplitter: 495nm

Cube Markings: U-M41017 EN GFP, C-8306.

Filter Set Price New (without blank cube): $1020. Item is discontinued.
We are including the blank cube which is sold for $441 from Olympus and also from Chroma.

Factory Website Link:

Factory Description:
This is the recommended filter set for the newer S65T GFP mutants. It is also recommended for wtGFP for which it was originally designed.

Compatibility: Cube is the wider style for the 4-position turret on the Olympus BX and IX series (ex. BX40/BX50/IX50/IX70, etc). It can fit the newer 6-position turret on the BX2 and IX2 series (ex. BX41/BX51/BX61/IX51/IX71, etc), but it is too wide to fit 6 cubes into the turret. It will not fit the BX3/IX3 series (ex. BX43/BX53/IX73 etc).

Condition: Unable to detect any signs of usage. In excellent like-new condition. We guarantee this will work properly.