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Fura-2 Fluorescence Filter Cube for Zeiss Microscope

USD $450.00

Shipping Cost: To be determined

Description: Fluorescence filter Cube for Zeiss Axio series Microscope.


  • Fura-2
  • This filter set does not have an excitation filter. The exciter filter is often placed on a separate filter wheel at the back of the frame.

Compatibility: This is the P&C module version that fits the newer models such as AxioVert 200, AxioPlan-2, Axio Observer, Axio Imager, etc. There is an older module that requires screws to mount. These two types of modules are not interchangeable.


  • Unable to detect any signs of usage. In excellent like-new condition. We guarantee this will work properly.
  • Includes plastic cube holder (not shown).