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Hoffman Modulation Contrast Microscope
Condenser Model G5

USD $1100.00



  • Hoffman Modulation Contrast Microscope Condenser
  • Model G5.
  • Working distance 40 mm.
  • Numerical aperture 0.6.
  • Includes polarizer.
  • Includes HMC contrast controller.
  • Includes objective lenses:
  • Nikon modified objective for HMC. 40x LWD 0.5 N.A. Infinity. 0-2mm thickness adjustment correction collar.
  • Olympus modified objective for HMC. 10x.
  • I am not sure which microscope model this mounts to. We are selling it as it came to us.
  • Has only one annuli as shown in the photos. All of the other spaces are empty.
  • Includes pelican carrying case.

Condition: We are selling this for parts. Appears to be in good condition. But needs more parts and objectives. You can return this if not satisfied.