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Leitz Flovert
Inverted Fluorescence
Phase Contrast
Trinocular Microscope

USD $2500.00


MODEL: Leitz Flovert
Shipping Cost: To be determined


Unique design has the overall appearance and functionality of an upright but is actually an inverted microscope. This allows viewing from the bottom of a petri dish. A normal slide can also be used. Just turn the slide upside down.

Special Features:

  • Five-Place Nosepiece (rotation is normal and smooth with good clean stops).
  • Low Position XY Stage Movement is functionally normal. Right hand movement.
  • Halogen Transmitted Light Source. 6V-20W Bulb. Located in rear mounted external housing.

Photography Port:

  • Trinocular Head.
  • Includes photography port for attaching a digital USB camera for connection to a computer.
  • Eyepiece Pair: PeriPlan GF 10X/20 M. High Eyepoint (okay to wear eyeglasses). The 20mm field of view is good, as many are only 18mm.

Objectives (all marked Leitz Wetzlar Germany):

  • Plan 4x/0.10 160/-.
  • Phaco1 EF 10x/0.25, 160/-. (has phase contrast ring inside)
  • Phaco1 EF 20x/0.32, 160/-. (has phase contrast ring inside)
  • Phaco1 L 32x/0.40, 160/-. (has phase contrast ring inside)
  • Fluoreszenz 40x/0.75 160/0.17

Magnifications: 40x, 100x, 200x, 320x, 400x.

Fluorescence Microscopy:

  • Filter cube holder accepts qty 2 cubes.
  • Both of these cubes have emissions filters, barrier filters and dichroic mirrors in like-new condition. This is very unusual as normally filters get bleached out and burned by the mercury light source. These appear to have been never used.

Cube #1: DAPI. Numbers on the cube: 31000v2, C103167.

Cube #2: FITC: Cube is called I2/3. Number 513604.

  • Excitating Range: Blue (FITC).
  • Excitation Filter: Band Pass 450-490 nm.
  • Dichroic Beam Splitting Mirror: RKP 510 nm.
  • Barrier (emission) Filter: Long Pass 515 nm.

Includes 100W Mercury lamp housing #514662, Type 307-143-004.
Includes the Mercury Lamp Bulb (100W).

Leitz Mercury Lamp HBO 100W Power Supply. This power supply is manufactured by LEP. They also supplied the same power supplies to Zeiss, Leica, Leitz, and others.

Transmitted Illumination Source:

  • 12V-100W Halogen Bulb.
  • Lamp housing mounted to the back, upper frame.
  • Comes with external power supply box. Brand Leica, 115 AC Input, 0-14 VAC output.

Phase Contrast Microscopy:

  • Includes a phase slider with two phase annulus rings and one open area for brightfield.
  • Includes phase objectives.

General Notes:

  • Frame is marked: Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GMBH. Type 090-123.012. 520566.
  • Voltage: 110V/120-130V / 220-230V / 240-250V. 50-60 Hz.
  • Made in Germany.
  • The fine and coarse focusing was tested and performed perfectly.
  • Includes two filter sliders located under nosepiece.
  • Power Cord. This is supplied but not shown in the images.


  • This is a used microscope and sold in as-is condition.
  • The fluorescence system was NOT powered up and tested.


UV light and Mercury Bulbs are Dangerous! YOU MUST Read BEFORE purchasing! Click this link.
Safe With UV Light