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LEP LUDL Bio Point Motorized Stage System
with Z Focusing - for Axiovert 200M

USD $3700.00



  • LEP LUDL Bio Point Motorized Stage System with Z focus Drive.
  • LEP LUDL Joystick Part #73000360 (MAC2 XY Joystick).
  • LEP LUDL Controller (power box) Part #73B00000.
  • Controller made in USA.
  • Worldwide voltage 90 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 100 W.
  • Includes RS-232 port for connection to a computer.
  • We do not have any software for this.
  • You would need to contact the factory for the software. The software is probably needed for the Z focus. We were unable to test the Z focus or the computer connectivity.
  • No computer is necessary for the X and Y stage movement.
  • Fits Zeiss Axiovert 200M Microscope.  Includes additional mounting bracket hardware for attaching to a different microscope frame. It is not known which frame that additional bracket is used for. When using the Axiovert 200 M, the bracket is not needed.
  • Includes power cord (not shown in photos).
  • Does not include Axiovert 200M frame. This is only shown to demonstrate how the stage fits.
  • Does not include a stage adapter plate. We have a variety of adapters available for 96 well plates, Petri dishes, and glass slides. Please let us know what you may need. One photograph shows a Zeiss 96 well plate adapter inserted. This is not included. It is only shown to demonstrate that this stage will accept standard Zeiss adapter plates.

Condition: In good working condition. We tested this unit and it properly moves in both the X and Y direction. Movement was smooth. However, we are unable to test the Z microscope focusing.