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Olympus Bh2
Binocular Microscope

USD $2600

MODEL: Olympus Bh2
Shipping Cost: To be determined


Objectives: (all marked Olympus, Japan)

  • 4x: SPlan 4x/0.13, 160/-.
  • 10x: DPlan 10x/0.25, 160/0.17.
  • 40x: SPlan 40x/0.70, 160/0.17. Part#109771.
  • 100x: DPlan 100x/1.25 Oil Immersion Lens, 160/0.17.

Six Place (sextuple) nosepiece for holding objectives.

Dichroic Filter Cube Spectrums:
Slider has two cubes.

Cube #1:
Type: B for Blue

Cube #2:

Type: U for UltraViolet

Note: Both filter cube sets look in reasonable condition.

Fluorescence Microscopy:

  • Includes 100W HBO bulb.
  • Includes rear mounted lamp housing for HBO bulb.
  • Includes HBO Power Supply for the 100W mercury arc lamp.

General Specifications:

  • Koehler Illumination. Field Iris diaphragm.
  • 1.25 numerical aperature light condenser.
  • WK 10x/20L. Eyepiece pair. Diopter on one eyetube (where the eyepiece goes into).
  • Right Hand XY mechanical stage. Movement is smooth.
  • Transmitted light is 6V-20W. Lamp housing is externally mounted on the lower rear of the frame.
  • Coarse and Fine focusing works well.

Frame Markings:

  • Frame is marked 100V/115V. 50-60 Hz.


  • This is a used microscope and sold in as-is condition.


UV light and Mercury Bulbs are Dangerous! YOU MUST Read BEFORE purchasing!

Click this link: Safety With UV Light