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Olympus Model BX40
HBO 100W Mercury Illuminator
Upright Fluorescence Microscope

USD $6,900

Shipping Cost: Free Worldwide Shipping

Main Features:

  • Frame Model: Model BX40F4. Made in Japan.
  • Trinocular Viewing Head with photoport.
  • Objective Nosepiece 5-place for up to 5 lenses.
  • 4-Position Reflector Cube Turret.
  • 6V-30W halogen lamp housing.
  • Abbe Condenser 1.25 N.A.
  • Right hand XY stage with slide movement.
  • Daylight Balanced Filter for Transmitted Light.
  • Eyepiece Pair WHN 10X. Includes a pair of cupping rubber eyeguards that helps to block light from the sides for higher intensity specimen imaging.
  • Original Olympus 3mm hex screwdriver.
  • Included all needed power cords.
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMERA OR LAPTOP. Camera is shown in images to demonstrate that one can be connected.


Olympus Quality at a Low Affordable Price:

  • This is Olympus, made in Japan. That says everything about the quality. It’s an older model so you can save a lot of money. However, compare it to a brand new Chinese model and the quality difference will be obvious. You’ll be proud to have this in your laboratory instead of some shiny new piece of junk, low quality Chinese.

Objective Lenses:

  • Plan 4x / 0.10, infinity/-.
  • Plan 10x / 0.25, infinity/?.
  • Plan N 40x / 0.65, infinity/0.17, FN22, UIS2.
  • Plan N 100x / 1.25 Oil, infinity/-, FN22, UIS2.

Filters for Fluorescence:

  • One Dual Band Filter Included:
  • FITC/Texas Red Dual Band (F/TR propidium-iodide by Chroma, U-M51006, moderate wear). This dual band filter is like having two simultaneous excitations of light.

Link to factory specs:



Fluorescence System:

  • Mercury power supply. External. 100W.
  • HBO lamp housing. U-LH100HG. With Mercury bulb.
  • Fluorescent rotary turret with positions for up to 4 dichroic cubes.
  • Vertical Illuminator with Shutter, Field Stop, Aperature Stop, centering for FS and AS, and slot for optional neutral density filters.


  • Head has photo port. Internal prism gives ability to take light 100% to eyepieces or split or 100% to camera port.
  • Includes original Olympus c-mount adapter.


  • This microscope is in fine condition and works well.


  • This is a high quality Olympus (Made in Japan) optical instrument. We also sell Chinese made fluorescence microscopes but the quality is substantially lower. We highly discourage buying the Chinese microscopes due to the problems that incur after the sale. Even Olympus microscopes that are older are still significantly better quality than new Chinese.

Testing Results:

This microscope was fully tested. Results are as follows:
All functions were found to be in proper working order.

  • Brightfield – Koehler illumination was set properly, with all adjustments and centering being properly achieved.
  • Incident Reflected Fluorescence – HBO Bulb was properly centered obtaining bright, clear, and uniform illumination distribution across the complete field of view.

Fluorescing Achieved –

  • The included filter cube is not very good but does get an image. It gave a poor image on 4x, okay image on 10x, good image on 40x. Did not test 100x oil.
  • Tried a new cube that is not included. Gave good image on 4x, excellent image on 10x and 40x. Did not test 100x oil.

Optional Accessories:

  • We have a wide variety of optional scientific cameras, both monochrome and color, with and without Peltier cooling.
  • Optional Neutral Density Filter Sliders: U-25ND25, U-25ND6.
  • Other objectives. We have a wide variety of objectives to select from.
  • We can supply brand new replacement 100W HBO Mercury Bulbs and Halogen bulbs.
  • Phase Contrast Microscopy Kit can be added and configured.
  • Brand new Chroma hard coated filter cubes with lifetime warranty may be added. Cost is USD $750/set for the dichroic filter (emission filter, dichroic mirror, barrier filter) including the blank cube.

Price Comparison:

  • When comparing our price to others, keep in mind these things:
  • We are including a one year warranty, money back guarantee, and free shipping that are value added additions not given by most resellers and should be added to the value.

User Manual and Instructions:

One Year Parts and Labor Warranty:
We warrant this Microscope to be free from defects due to normal usage in normal operating conditions for a period of one year. Camera equipment (if included) is given a three month warranty. Objective lenses are excluded from warranty.
Additional warranty on microscope may be purchased if desired.

We will repair or replace equipment at no charge, during the one year warranty period. Both parts and labor are included. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs BOTH ways, paying for shipping cost to our designated repair facility and shipping cost back to buyer. Bulbs are considered user replaceable items and not covered.

Warranty Excludes Objective Lenses:
Our warranty excludes the objective lenses. There are several reasons for this. First of all, if the objective is good, it will continue good performance unless there is some user or environmental abuse. Abuse can be from oil getting on a non-oil immersion lens, contact with a solution that degrades the cement around the glass, contact with other chemicals that may stain, etch or pit the glass, scratching the lens by incorrect cleaning methods such as cloths not of lens cleaning quality, damaging the lens by scraping it on slides or metal slide holders on the stage, dropping on a hard surface, subjecting the objective to extreme humidity causing internal mold or mildew, etc.
In addition, objectives can’t feasibly be repaired. If an objective is damaged so that the optical quality is significantly diminished, it is suggested to throw it away. One solution is to send it back to the factory and incur a repair fee equal to about half the price of a new replacement. That is usually cost prohibitive. We professionally clean the front and back lens, and the outside barrel of the objective. But we do not open them up. That should only be done by the factory under strict conditions and with optical laser alignment. Generally, when someone other than the factory messes with a lens, the performance may still be acceptable, but likely will be noticeably lower quality when compared side by side with a new lens. So since defective objectives are generally thrown away, and replaced with another one, there is no need to warranty them. The user can easily find a matching objective and replace it on their own.

Objective Lenses – Condition:
All objectives have been professionally cleaned.
All are guaranteed to be free from optical defects. If any defect is found, it will be clearly noted in the ad.
Our inspection of the objective lenses includes checking for the following:
lens cracking, pitting, lens cement not intact, internal oil damage or oil seepage, glass fogging, glass hazing, stains on optical glass, mold or mildew stains, and delamination (separation of internal lenses).

Condition of Equipment:
This reconditioned microscope is complete and in excellent working order and has been completely checked out and serviced.

Technical Sales and Support:
Most offerings of used microscopes are by simple flippers of equipment who have obtained defective and rejected microscopes from labs discarding the equipment. They resell exactly what they got, as they got it, and without any technical knowledge of it. You can rest assured when purchasing from us that we are professional dealers who are well trained to service and provide technical support of the microscopy equipment. We test, repair and refurbish all equipment to excellent working conditions. We are well trained and able to give you technical advice including pre-sale and post-sale support.

Microscope Training – Setup Support – Software Assistance:
Concerned about how to set up and operate this equipment? Need training? Need help with software for the camera? We can help. Contact us for more details.

Free Application Evaluation and Recommendation:
We strongly encourage all potential buyers to first contact us with regards to their specific application. In most situations, we need to customize certain features of the microscope in order to best fit the end user’s technical requirements. We want to ensure you have the correct and optimal configuration for your application.

Fluorescence Filter Sets – Customized:
We are dealers of both Chroma and Omega brands (Made in USA) of dichroic filters. Please contact us regarding the specific fluorophores you are using so we can be sure the filter sets provided are a proper match. Incorrect matching will give you poor quality or no visible fluorescing.

Free Worldwide Shipping:
Equipment may ship from Outside USA. We provide free worldwide shipping. The method of shipping may vary, depending on destination country, but may be via commercial air cargo. Not all countries will have door to door service. Contact us for further details so we can discuss shipping arrangements.

Customs Duty and Tax:
Any and all customs brokerage, customs entry, VAT and duty/tax are the responsibility of the buyer. Buyers in USA can contact us in advance to see if there are any entry fees.

Voltage Requirement:
Our equipment may show 110V and/or 220V external power supplies. Some power supplies are not Volt selectable. Depending on your country of final destination, and the Voltage supply, we may need to change the power supply shown in the ad to one that matches your power requirements. Contact us first with your Voltage requirement so we can be certain we have the required power supply if it needs to be changed from what is shown in the ad.

Payment Method Accepted:
We generally accept purchase orders from government, educational, and industrial facilities in some countries. For some preapproved orders, we accept credit cards. We also accept bank wire (telegraphic) transfers. Contact us for details. We properly screen all buyers to protect against fraudulent transactions. We reserve the right to deny transactions deemed to be potentially fraudulent.

Financing Available for Select Customers:
If you are unable to afford the full purchase price, please contact us about financing details. Our financial partner offers 90 Days “Same as Cash” and deferred payments up to 6 Months.

We have rental plans available for some companies and universities. Contact us for details.

Money Back Guarantee:
We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. If in the unlikely event you are not satisfied and want to return your item, please contact us within 14 days of receiving it. We will then arrange to get you details about how to return it. We have no restocking fees but the actual cost we paid for shipping will be deducted from refund amount. We give free shipping, but for returned items, this cost will be charged to buyer.

Beware of Counterfeit Fake Parts:
Be sure of whom you are buying from as a lot of “dealers” are selling counterfeit parts, passing them off as originals. Click this link.

All Original Parts – Not Counterfeit.html

Warning: UV light and Mercury Bulbs are Dangerous! YOU MUST Read BEFORE purchasing!

Click this link.

Safety with UV Light