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Olympus IX2-MLWCD Condenser
w/ IX2-MLWPO Polarizer
w/ DIC and RC1 RC3

USD $5500.00



Olympus IX2-MLWCD Condenser.

  • Olympus IX2-MLWPO Polarizer. With adjustment lever to rotate the polarizer. This is superior to the fixed polarizers.

Condenser Settings:

  • Condenser has four spaces (none are open).
  • DIC Prism:  IX2-MDIC20
  • DIC Prism:  IX2-MDIC40
  • Relief Contrast Annulus: RC1.
  • Relief Contrast Annulus: RC3.
  • The two DIC spaces can be used for brightfield microscopy.
  • Both DIC prisms have a very slight delamination only around the periphery, which is common. This will make no difference with the resulting image, and is completely out of the field of view. It is only being noted here for completeness.

Condenser Details:

  • Universal – long working distance.
  • Condenser Numerical Aperture 0.5. Working distance 45 mm.
  • Lenses are clear and free of scratches and pitting.


  • We only have one objective to add to this system as follows:
  • CPlan N 10x / 0.25 RC1, Inf./-. FN22. UIS2. Relief Contrast.


  • This condenser assembly was pulled off an IX71 microscope that was used for micromanipulation for IVF and ICSI.
  • We do not sell the micromanipulation equipment, but it can be added to our microscopes.
  • If you would like to have an Olympus IX71 microscope set up with this condenser, then let us know. 

Made in Japan.

For IX2 series inverted microscopes: IX51 (some versions only), IX71, IX81, etc.

Also fits the older IX70.

Olympus List Price for only IX2-MLWCD – $3500.

Condition: Excellent condition.