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Optional high-end camera for fluorescence microscopy

No camera is included. However, we can provide a variety. The recommended one is this:
1.4 MPixel Digital Camera, USB2.0 compliant, with software for Windows 7.

This is a special camera with high sensitivity for the low light from the fluorescing specimen.
It uses the same chipset as some cameras costing $6000+.

To attach the camera, this is needed: C-mount Adapter, 0.65x, matching chipset size in the USB camera.
This camera and c-mount adapter add USD 2200 to the price.

We do not include the camera with adapter kit in the microscope package, and instead, price it separately. There are many cheap cameras that cost less than $100 that are added to high-end systems to make them look good. This camera is expensive, so must be sold separately.

You want a higher resolution camera? Really? If a salesperson gives you advice like needing a higher resolution camera, you need to be cautious of what else they say as well as question if they know anything about the physics of microscopy. Here is why. Click here to read why high resolution digital cameras give you empty resolution and you are wasting file space.