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Fluorescence Filter Cube
for Olympus BX Microscope

USD $400.00


Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • Fluorescence Filter Cube for Olympus BX Microscope.
  • Green Excitation (narrow band)


  • Excitor: BP530-550
  • Emission: BA590
  • Beamsplitter: DM570
  • Cube Markings: Olympus Japan U-MNG2.

 Compatibility: Cube is the wider style for the 4-position turret on the Olympus BX and IX series (ex. BX40/BX50/IX50/IX70, etc). It can fit the newer 6-position turret on the BX2 and IX2 series (ex. BX41/BX51/BX61/IX51/IX71, etc), but it is too wide to fit 6 cubes into the turret. It will not fit the BX3/IX3 series (ex. BX43/BX53/IX73 etc).


  • Filters show some signs of usage, but are still in good condition. We guarantee this will work properly.
  • Includes plastic cube holder (not shown).

Link to Olympus Manual discussing this filter set:

Applicable Fluorochrome List:

  • Acidic Fuchsin (Pararosaniline), Alexa Fluor 568,
  • Ethidium Bromide, Ethidium homodimer-1, Evans Blue,
  • Merocyanine 540,
  • Pararosaniline-Feulgen, Phycoerythrin B (PE-B), Phycoerythrin R (PE-R),
  • Propidium Iodide (PI),
  • Resorufin, Rhodamine B-isothiocyanate (RITC), Rhodamine-Phalloidin,
  • Spectrum Orange,
  • Xylenol Orange