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Zeiss AxioPhot
Fluorescence Microscope

USD  $4,300


MODEL: Zeiss AxioPhot
Shipping Cost: To be determined



  • Used fluorescence microscope. Sold in as-is condition.
  • HBO 50W Mercury Illumination System.
  • Transmitted Illumination: 12V-100W Halogen.
  • Includes three fluorescent filter sets on tray slider.


  • Trinocular head capable of photography.
  • Eyepiece Pair: Pl 10x/25mm. The super wide field 25mm field of view is a benefit over the normal 22mm.
  • Right-Hand mechanical stage with XY slider for glass specimen slide.
  • Sextuple (6-position) nosepiece for holding the objectives.
  • Power cord included but now shown in photos.


  • CP-Achromat 5x/0.12, Infinity/-.
  • CP-Achromat 10x/0.25, Infinity/-.
  • CP-Achromat 40x/0.65, Infinity/0.17.
  • AchroPlan 100x/1.25, Oil Immersion. Infinity/0.17.

Light Condenser:

  • Turret style rotating condenser.
  • Numerical Aperature 0.9.
  • Includes flip-out top lens system. This enables the use of lower power scanning objectives such as 2.5x magnification.
  • Has Ph2 and Ph3 phase contrast annuli in the condenser.
  • Also has stops for: brightfield (with iris), and two extra (empty) spots.

Transmitted Illumination:

  • Lamp is 12V-100W Halogen.
  • Lamp Housing is located on rear lower part of the frame.
  • Variable intensity illumination control.
  • The frame has four built-in light controlling filters on a push-button style engagement system.
  • The filters are: dark-gray ring (neutral density 0.06), light-gray ring (ND 0.25), green ring (green interference filter), blue ring (conversion filter 3200/5500K).
  • Koehler illumination field iris diaphragm.

Fluorescence Filter System:

  • 3Fl Cube slider tray. Holds three dichroic filter cubes.
  • There are currently qty 3 filters installed in the tray.
  • Filter One: BP546; FT 580; LP 590
  • Filter Two: 450-490; FT 510; 515-565
  • Filter Three: unmarked

Fluorescent Illumination:

  • 50W HBO High Pressure Mercury Illuminator.
  • Bulb Type HBO 50W.
  • Bulb is not included. Bulb can be easily purchased new elsewhere.


This item is sold as-is with no warranty or guarantee.


UV light and Mercury Bulbs are Dangerous! YOU MUST Read BEFORE purchasing!

Click this link.
Safety with UV Light