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Zeiss C-Apochromat
40x / 1.20 NA
Correction Collar 0.14-0.18mm
Water Immersion
w/ Matching DIC Slider
LSM Confocal Microscopy Compatible
Microscope Objective

USD $4700.00

Shipping Cost: Free Shipping



  • Zeiss C-Apochromat 40x / 1.20 W Korr, Infinity 0.14-0.18 Microscope Objective with matching DIC sliders.
  • Specifically designed for use with laser scanning confocal microscopes (LSM) but can be used for other purposes.
  • Correction Collar 0.14 – 0.18mm adjustment for cover slip thickness.
  • Water Immersion. Note: Most specimens have a refractive index near that of water, so water immersion is superior to oil immersion.
  • Numerical Aperture 1.20.
  • Objective Part Number: 440052.
  • DIC Slider Part Number: 444460.
  • Working Distance 0.29 mm.
  • RMS threads. If you need M27 threads, we have the adapters.
  • Objective price new from Zeiss (Year 2012 pricelist): USD $7656.
  • DIC Slider price new from Zeiss (Year 2012 pricelist): USD $1161.
  • Objective Condition: Excellent. No internal problems. Collar turns well. Spring is good.
  • No delamination in either objective or slider.
  • Upon purchase, we will email the instruction manual for this objective lens.