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Zeiss Fluorescence Microscope
Filter Set 13 FITC GFP with Cube

USD $650.00

Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • Zeiss Filter Set 13 FITC GFP Green for Fluorescence Microscope.
  • Includes cube.
  • Excitor BP 470/20.
  • Dichroic. FT 493
  • Emitter. BP 505-530 Band Pass
  • Shift Free
  • Cube #424920.
  • Zeiss Part#488013
  • Zeiss pricelist (2008) unmounted filter set (w/o cube) price USD $686 (price for only the filters, not the cube). This ad includes the cube.


  • This is the P&C module version that fits the newer models such as AxioVert 200, AxioPlan-2, AxioSkop-2 (not screw-in version), Axio Observer, Axio Imager, etc. There is an older module (sometimes found on early versions of AxioSkop-2) that requires screws to mount. These two types of modules are not interchangeable and this P&C module will not fit turrets made for the screw-in type.


  • New. We guarantee this will work properly.