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Zeiss IM Style
Phase Contrast
Inverted Microscope

USD $3900

MODEL: Zeiss IM Style
Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • 2.5x: Plan F2.5/0.08, 160/-. Part#460110-9906.
  • 10x – Phase Objective: F 10x/0.25, 160/-, Ph1. Part#460406.
  • 20x – Phase Objective: F-LD 20x/0.25, 160/2, Ph1. Part#460606.
  • 32x – Phase Objective: F-LD 32x/0.4, 160/1, Ph1. Part#460703. Spring Loaded.

Fluorescent Microscopy System:

  • 100W HBO System.
  • HBO Lamp Housing, Rear Mounted.
  • Includes 100W Mercury Bulb installed in lamp housing.

Dichroic Filter Cubes:
Includes a tray with two filter cube sets.

  • Cube#1: FITC. Excitation Spectra: 450-490nm. Dichroic Mirror: FT 510nm. Emission Spectra: 515-565.
  • Cube#2: Exciting Spectra: Band Pass 546nm. Dichroic Mirror: FT 580nm. Emission Spectra: Long Pass LP 590.

Phase Contrast Microscopy System:

Condenser with brightfield position, phase annulus for Ph1, and phase annulus for Ph2.

Photography Capable:

  • Trinocular Viewing Head.
  • Ability to connect photographic and video equipment for taking digital still and digital video.
  • No camera equipment is included.

Note: Unit also has a 35mm film camera setup which is generally considered obsolete. This is the large square black area on the front of the equipment.

General Specifications:

Eyepieces (qty 2 each): KPL-W10x/18 High Eyepoint

Sextuple (6-place) Objective Nosepiece.

Low position XY stage controls on left hand side.
Made in West Germany.

Transmitted Illumination (brightfield – phase contrast):

  • 12V-60W Incandescent Bulb.
  • Power Supply: 6-12V with 200W maximum capability.
  • 120V, 60 Hz.

Fluorescent Illumination:

Zeiss 100W DC Mercury power supply.


This is a used microscope and sold in as-is condition.

User Manuals and Instructions:
Zeiss Inverted Microscope IM Operating


UV light and Mercury Bulbs are Dangerous! YOU MUST Read BEFORE purchasing! Click this link.
Safe With UV Light