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Zeiss Motorized Stage w/ Joystick,
MCU Controller for Zeiss Axiovert
200M Microscope

USD $2800.00



  • Zeiss Motorized Stage.
  • Stage Part number: 451740-9902. 90-25-477, 98 030467.
  • Joystick part number: 457432.
  • Zeiss MCU-28 Motor Control Unit.
  • Fits Zeiss Axiovert 200M Microscope.
  • Includes power cord (not shown in photos).
  • Worldwide Voltage Selectable.
  • Does not include Axiovert 200M frame. This is only shown to demonstrate how the stage fits.
  • Does not include a stage adapter plate. We have a variety of adapters available for 96 well plates, Petri dishes, and glass slides. Please let us know what you may need.
  • Missing one cable. The unit requires two cables, one for the X, one for the Y. We have only one capable. We switched this cable between the X and Y to test them. You will need to purchase one cable to make this complete.

Condition: In reasonable working condition. We tested this unit and it moves in both the X and Y direction, and with both slow and fast speeds. It moved perfectly and the Y direction.

In the X direction, there was some roughness observed during the course movement. It does move and is okay to use. When moving it slowly, it is better and not really noticeable. When moving fast in the X direction, you notice the roughness and it has some difficulty remaining a constant speed.