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Zeiss Plan-ApoChromat 40x / 0.95 Korr Infinity/0.13-0.21
Microscope Objective

USD $4000.00


Shipping Cost: To be determined


  • Zeiss Plan-ApoChromat 40x / 0.95 Korr (correction collar). Infinity/0.13-0.21 Microscope Objective.
  • Spring loaded.
  • Correction collar. Turns perfectly.
  • RMS M20 Thread.
  • Part Number 440654 (1108-276).
  • The image from Zeiss website shows a compatible version but not the exact, since it has M27 threads, and our item has M20 threads. Zeiss price is $7061.
  • Includes plastic canister (not shown).

Condition: Used. In excellent condition. We guarantee this will work properly.