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Zeiss Axio Imager A1
Upright - Manual Operation
Fluorescence Microscope

Axio Imager.A1 Manual

USD $8,000

Model: Zeiss Axio

Axio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 ManualAxio Imager.A1 Manual

Main features:

  • Modern Zeiss product line.
  • Latest style HBO and Halogen lamp housings.
  • Manual (non-motorized) Frame.


  • Eyepiece set: W-PL 10x/23.  
  • Voltage requirement for Frame: Auto range.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Trinocular photo port on top of the head.
  • Does not include C-mount adapter or camera.
  • Camera is only shown to demonstrate how one is connected but it will not be included.

Objectives Lenses:

  • 6-Place objective nosepiece. M27 threads. With RMS adapters.
  • Let us know if you would like to replace or add to any of these objective lenses. We have a wide variety available.
  • Includes these objectives:
  • CP-Achromat 5x/0.12  ∞/- Objective.
  • CP-Achromat 10x/0.25 Infinity Objective.
  • CP-Achromat 40X/0.65 ∞/0.17 Objective.
  • CP-Achromat 100x / 1.25.  Infinity /0.17 Oil Immersion Objective.


  • HBO 100 illuminator.
  • Autovolt external Mercury Arc power supply.
  • Adjustment slider for centering the Mercury arc.
  • Includes UV protection shield.  This objective nosepiece has the optional slider opening where we have inserted this UV shield.
  • Six-Place reflector cube turret.
  • Field and Aperture iris diaphragms.
  • Electronic reflected light shutter.

Dichroic Filter Cubes: 

  • 6-Place Rotary Reflector Cube Turret.
  • (Qty 1 cube installed).
  • FITC. 
  • Let us know what filter sets you may want. We have a wide variety and can supply most anything.

Transmitted Illumination:

  • 100W Halogen lamp housing, new model black style.
  • Built-In Filter Cassette Wheel.  With ND filters.
  • Condenser:  0.9 N.A.  With iris diaphragm.  Flip top lens.
  • 3200 K color temperature light button.
  • Koehler illumination diaphragm.

Buttons on Focusing Knob:

  • The left focusing knob has buttons on it. 
  • One button increases transmitted light intensity, the other decreases intensity.
  • One button turns on and off the transmitted Halogen light. 
  • One button opens and closes the reflected light shutter.


  • We refurbish and repair fluorescence microscopes. We went through this microscope to get it in top shape for you.
  • We are including the necessary tools to assemble.
  • Our price is incredibly low. 
  • If you would like to have a camera, please let us know and we can add it into the ad. We sell the same cameras as others, for much less.
  • Includes power cord. Not shown.
  • Upon purchase, we will email links to the user manuals / instructions.

User Manual and Instructions: 

For website:

Click this link: Zeiss Axio Imager Brochure.pdf

Click this link:  Zeiss Axio Imager Operating Manual.pdf